Safari does not currently support the Icon property of web-based desktop notifications.


Name Values
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Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
AccessChanged() Signifies that the user has elected to allow notifications.
NotificationClicked( notificationName as String ) Fires when the user clicks a notification.
NotificationError( notificationName as String ) Signifies that there was an error displaying the notification. Either the browser doesn't support desktop notifications, or the user elected not to receive them.


Definition Description
CloseAll() Closes all notifications currently open.
CoseNotification( notificationName as String ) Closes notification(s) currently open whose notificationName match the parameter.
ShowNotification( notificationName as String, Title as String, Body as String, CloseDelay as Integer = 0, Icon as String = “”, ParamArray Vibration as Integer Shows a desktop notification (or a request for access) on the user's computer. Icon should be a URL. Vibration should be a list of parameters specifying length of vibrations in milliseconds. (100, 200, 300) would be a vibration of 100 milliseconds, a pause, a vibration of 200 milliseconds, a pause, then a vibration of 300 milliseconds.


Name Type Default Value Description
CanNotify Boolean False (Read-Only) If True, the user has elected to receive notifications from your site.
Supported Boolean False (Read-Only) If True, the user's browser supports notifications.


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