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Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Value
OverflowEllipsize as String “ellipsize”
OverflowLineBreak as String “linebreak”
OverflowNone as String “false”


Definition Description
This class exposes no events.


Definition Description
AddCellStyle( Row as Integer, Column as Integer, theStyle as GraffitiWebPDFCellStyle ) Applies a GraffitiWebPDFCellStyle to the cell specified by Row and Column.
AddColumn( Title as String, Width as Integer = -1 )
AddRow( ParamArray Values as String )
Clone() as GraffitiWebPDFTable
Constructor( X as Integer = 0, Y as Integer = 0, TableWidth as Integer = 0, TableLineHeight as Integer = 20, PageSplit as Boolean = true )


Name Type Default Value Description
AvoidPageSplit Boolean False Try to reposition the table so that it avoids being split by page boundaries.
CellAltBorder Integer 0 Alertnate border width.
CellAltBorderColor Color &cFFFFFF Alternate border color.
CellAltColor Color &cDCDCDC Alternate background color.
CellAltTextColor Color &c000000 Alternate text color.
CellAltTextFont String “helvetica” Alternate text font.
CellAltTextFontStyle String “normal” Alternate font style.
CellAltTextSize Double 12 Alternate text size.
CellBorder Integer 1 Border width.
CellBorderColor Color &cEEEEEE Border color.
CellColor Color &cFFFFFF Background color.
CellPadding Integer 3 Padding between cell border and text.
CellTextColor Color &c000000 Text color.
CellTextFont String “helvetica” Text font.
CellTextFontStyle String “normal” Text style.
CellTextSize Double 12 Text size.
Columns() Pair Nil Columns of the table. Column ID and Text as pair.
EndY Integer 0 The ending Y position for the table.
ExtendWidth Boolean false Extend the width of the table to fill the page.
HeaderBorder Double 0 Header border size.
HeaderBorderColor Color &c34495e Header border color.
HeaderColor Color &c34495e Header background color.
HeaderTextColor Color &cFFFFFF Header text color.
HeaderTextFont String “helvetica” Header text font.
HeaderTextFontStyle String “bold” Header text style.
HeaderTextSize Double 14 Header text size (in points).
LineHeight Integer 20 Height of each line (in points).
MarginBottom Integer 40 Space between the table and objects below it.
MarginLeft Integer 40 Space between the table and objects to the left.
MarginRight Integer 20 Space between the table and objects to the right.
MarginTop Integer 50 Space between the table and objects above it.
OverflowStyle String “ellipsize” How to display text that extends beyond the width of the cell.
Rows() Dictionary Nil The rows of data to add to the table. Must be an array of dictionaries with Column ID = Cell Value for each column.
StartY Integer 0 The beginning Y position within the document, where the table will be drawn.



The EndY value is populated asynchronously, so it will always be 0 until the TableUpdated event for that table has fired on the GraffitiWebPDF instance where it is added. This is used to build PDFs with tables in an async method, applying the PDF in steps using the TableUpdated event.