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Definition Description
DoubleClick() Fires when the user double-clicks the field in MultiSelect.
SelectionAdded( theItem as GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem ) Fires when an item is selected in MultiSelect.
SelectionChanged() This event is fired when one or more items in the popupmenu are selected.
SelectionRemoved( theItem as GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem ) Fires when an items is deselected in MultiSelect.


Definition Description
AddItem( NewItem as GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem ) Adds a new item to list of items in the popupmenu.
ClosePopup() Closes the popup, if it is shown.
FindItem(ItemIndex as Integer) As GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem Returns the item matching the parameters.
FindItem(strText as String) As GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem
GetSelectedItems() As GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem Returns an array of items that are currently selected.
GetSelectedItemsIndex() as Integer() Returns an array of integers corresponding the indices of items selected in the popupmenu.
ItemCount() as Integer Returns the current count (UBound + 1) of items added to the PopupMenu.
OpenPopup() Opens the popup.
RemoveAllItems() Removes all items from the popupmenu and updates the display.
RemoveItem (ItemIndex as Integer) Removes the specified item from the list of items in the popupmenu.
RemoveItem (ItemText as String)
SetItemSelect( ItemIndex as Integer, ItemSelected as Boolean ) Will set the item’s Selected property to ItemSelected.
SetItemState( ItemIndex as Integer, ItemState as Boolean ) Will enable or disable the item at ItemIndex.


Name Type Default Value Description
AllowAdd Boolean False When MultipleSelect = False, AllowAdd being tree will cause GraffitiWebPopupMenu to behave more like a combobox, allowing custom item input.
AllowDeselect Boolean True Adds an “x” to the display for clearing all current selections.
Items() GraffitiWebPopupMenuItem Nil The array of items. This array should not be changed directly, and only used as a reference.
MaxSelecteditems Integer 5 Limits the possible amount of selected items.
MinimumInputLength Integer 3 Minimum number of characters user must enter before a search will be performed. If 0, all items will be shown by default.
MultipleSelect Boolean True Determines whether the popupmenu will support selection of multiple items.
PlaceholderText String “Please select an option” The text to display when there are no items selected.
ReadOnly Boolean False If True, the user cannot change the value of the control.
SearchThreshold Integer 10 The number of characters required to trigger the search algorithm.
Text String “” When MultipleSelect = False and AllowAdd = True, this will set the displayed text of the popupmenu.


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