Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
NavStyleNone Integer 0
NavStyleCentered Integer 1
NavStyleTransparent Integer 2
NavStyleLarge Integer 3


Definition Description
SlideChanged() This event is fired when the slideshow has finished changing slides.


Definition Description
AddSlide( theSlide as Variant, theCaption as String = “” ) Adds a new slide to the rotation.
GetSlideByCaption( theCaption as String ) as Integer) Returns the index of a slide by using the caption.
GetSlideByURL( theURL as String ) as Integer Returns the index of a slide by using the URL.
GetSlideCaption( theIndex as Integer ) as String Returns the caption of the slide at the specified index.
GetSlideURL( theIndex as Integer ) as String Returns the image URL of the slide at the specified index.
RemoveSlide( theSlide as Integer ) Removes a slide by index.


Name Type Default Value Description
AnimationSpeed Integer 300 How long each animation takes to complete in milliseconds.
Captions() String Nil The captions to be displayed for each corresponding slide. The contents of this array should match up with the contents of the SlideImages() array, and an empty value (“”) will not display the caption area.
CurrentSlide Integer 0 The index of the slide currently being displayed.
NavigationStyle Integer NavStyleNone Determines how the user will be allowed to navigate between the slides.
PauseOnHover Boolean False When set to true, hovering the mouse over the slideshow will pause progression through the slides.
SlideImages() String Nil This string array should contain URLs to the images you wish to display within the IMG tag. Alternatively, BASE64 encoded images will work if formatted to be displayed within the SRC attribute of an IMG tag.
SlideTimeout Integer 5000 How long each slide will be displayed before moving to the next one, in milliseconds.


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