Name Values
StorageTypes Local


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
DataLoaded() Fires when all data has been loaded.
StorageFull( Key as String, isSession as Boolean ) Is fired when a call for storage fails due to insufficient browser storage space.


Definition Description
Count() as Integer Returns the amount of Key/Value pairs.
Key( keyIndex as Integer ) Returns the key at the specified index.
Remove( Key as String ) Allows the developer to clear a value from the browser's storage.
RemoveAll() Clears all stored data in browser storage for the current domain.
Value( Key as String, Assigns Value as String ) Sets a value in the browser.
Value( Key as String, DefaultValue as String = “” ) Returns a value, if the key doesn't exist then DefaultValue is returned.


Name Type Default Value Description
StorageType StorageTypes Local Determines where in the browser's database values are stored and are accessible.
Supported Boolean False (Read-Only) Returns whether the user's browser supports this functionality.


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