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Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
TabAlignBottom Integer 1
TabAlignLeft Integer 2
TabAlignRight Integer 3
TabAlignTop Integer 0


Definition Description
CloseClicked( tabIndex as Integer ) User clicked the close button on the specified tab.
SelectionChanged() The currently selected tab has changed.


Definition Description
AddTab( newTab as GraffitiWebTabBarItem ) Adds a new tab to the bar.
RemoveTab( tabIndex as Integer ) Removes the specified tab from the bar.


Name Type Default Value Description
ActiveTabStyle WebStyle Nil Style to be applied to currently active tab.
TabAlignment Integer 0 Direction to which the tabs will be aligned.
TabItems() GraffitiWebTabBarItem Nil The tab items to display.
Value Integer 0 Current tab index


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