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This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
TabChanged( SelectedTab as Integer ) This event is fired when the user switches from tab to another in the display.


Definition Description
AddItem( newItem as GraffitiWebTabPanelItem ) Adds a new GraffitiWebTabPanel item to the display.
FindItem( ItemText as String ) Returns the GraffitiWebTabPanelItem whose text matches ItemText.
Item(index as Integer) as GraffitiWebTabPanelItem) Returns the item at the specified index.
ItemCount() as Integer Returns the total number of items.
ItemIndex(item as GraffitiWebTabPanelItem) as Integer Returns the index of the specified item.
RemoveItem( ItemIndex as Integer ) Removes an item from the TabPanel using the given parameters for comparison.
RemoveItem( ItemText as String )


Name Type Default Value Description
Items() GraffitiWebTabPanelItem Nil The array of items in the display.
LockUpdate Boolean False When True, execution of scripts to update the display is deferred until LockUpdate = True.
Value GraffitiWebTabPanelItem Nil The currently selected tab.


Selecting a Tab by Index

To select a tab by index you must first get the TabPanelItem that you wish to select. This is done by using the Item(Index as Integer) as GraffitiWebTabPanelItem method:

panelInstance.Value = panelInstance.Item(0)