Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
PositionBottom Integer 0
PositionLeft Integer 2
PositionRight Integer 3
PositionTop Integer 1


Definition Description
ValueChange() Fires when the selected time value has changed.


Definition Description
Clear() Clears the selection and Input.
HidePicker() Hides the TimePicker's popup.
ShowPicker() Shows the TimePicker's popup.


Name Type Default Value Description
AutoClose Boolean True Automatically close the popup after selection.
DisabledStyle WebStyle Nil WebStyle to apply when disabled.
DoneText String “Done” Text to show for “Done” button on popup.
ManualEntry Boolean False Allows users to manually enter the desired time.
MeridiemHigh String “PM” Controls the post-meridiem (noon or later) text used in the display and selector.
MeridiemLow String “AM” Controls the ante-meridiem (before noon) text used in the display and selector.
Position Integer 0 The location of the popup in relation to the control.
TwelveHour Boolean False If true, will show a TimePicker that selects AM/PM times rather than 24-hour times.
Value Date Nil Currently selected time.


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