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Definition Description
Constructor( buttonCaption as String, buttonIcon as String, buttonState as Boolean = False ) Instantiates a new GraffitiWebToolbarButton with the specified properties.
Constructor( buttonCaption as String, buttonState as Boolean = False )
Constructor( isPicture as Boolean, PictureURL as String, size as Integer )
Constructor( isPicture as Boolean, thePicture as Picture, size as Integer )
Constructor( isSpacer as Boolean, isFlex as Boolean = False )


Name Type Default Value Description
BorderStyle GraffitiWebToolbar.BorderStyles Dark Border color of the button.
BorderType GraffitiWebToolbar.BorderTypes None Border type.
Caption String “” Text displayed in the button.
CaptionAlignment GraffitiWebToolbar.Alignments Left Position of the button's Caption within the display.
CaptionStyle GraffitiWebToolbar.TextStyles Dark Color applied to the button's caption.
CornerStyle GraffitiWebToolbar.Corners None Determines how the corners of the button are drawn. None means that the corners are the default square.
Enabled Boolean True When False the button will not respond to mouse events or trigger click actions.
Icon String “” FontAwesome icon string.
IconObject Picture Nil Allows for the use of a Xojo Picture object.
IconObjectSize Integer 16 Desired width and height of the IconObject.
IconPosition GraffitiWebToolbar.IconPositions Left Position of the icon relative to the caption.
OverrideStyle WebStyle Nil Use a WebStyle rather than the built-in Bootstrap styles.
OverrideStyleState WebStyle Nil Use a WebStyle rather than the built-in Bootstrap styles when State = True
State Boolean False Toggle state of the button. If True the button appears pressed.
Style GraffitiWebToolbar.ButtonStyles GraffitiWebToolbar.ButtonStyles.Primary Background color of the button.
Tag Variant Nil Allows developers to attach another object or value to the button.


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