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This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
This class exposes no events.


Definition Description
Constructor( theCaption as String ) Create an instance of this class, and initialize it with the supplied parameters.
Constructor( theCaption as String, theIcon as String )
Constructor( theCaption as String, theIcon as String, theTag as Variant )


Name Type Default Value Description
Caption String “” The caption of the item.
Checkbox Boolean False Whether the item has a checkbox.
CheckValue Boolean False Current value of the item's checkbox.
Children() GraffitiWebTreeItem Nil Child items of this item.
HasExpander Boolean True Determines whether the expander is displayed in the UI. When False, users will not be able to expand or collapse items, and this must be done programmatically.
Icon String “” The icon value of the item.
Parent GraffitiWebTreeItem Nil The parent of this item.
Style WebStyle Nil The WebStyle to apply to this item.
Tag Variant Nil A tag used for supplying custom information.
UUID String Auto-Generated The Universal Unique ID used to identify the item internally


Create a new instance

dim newInstance as new GraffitiWebTreeItem( "My New Item" )