To upgrade GraffitiSuite Web in your projects, please follow these steps:

  1. Always backup your project before attempting an in-place upgrade
  2. Download the latest version of GraffitiSuite from the Downloads page.
  3. Open the project you wish to update.
  4. Select the App object in your project.
  5. Save and close your project.
  6. Reopen your project.
  7. Delete the GraffitiSuite folder from your project (or the GraffitiSuite classes you've added elsewhere).
  8. From the extracted download, open the demo project.
  9. In the demo project, copy the GraffitiSuite folder.
  10. In your project, paste the previously copied GraffitiSuite folder.
  11. Save and close your project.
  12. Delete your previous scripts directory
  13. Place the scripts directory from the downloaded package where your previous scripts directory was, and ensure that your build steps point to the correct directory.
  14. Reopen your project.


The following classes must be present in all projects that rely on GraffitiSuite products:

  • GraffitiControlWrapper
  • GraffitiUpdateInterface