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Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
FileAvailable( theFile as GraffitiWebFile ) A file has been uploaded.
FileClicked( theFile as GraffitiWebFile ) Fired when the user clicks a file in the display.
FileExclude( theFile as GraffitiWebFile ) As Boolean Fires before the file has been uploaded. Returning True in this event will trigger that the file should not be uploaded.
FileRemoved( theFile as GraffitiWebFile ) Fired when the user removes a file from the display.
MouseEnter() The mouse has entered the control.
MouseExit() The mouse has exited the control.


Definition Description
AddFile( theFile as GraffitiWebFile ) Adds a file element to the display (does not support previews to limit packet size.
Remove( theFile as GraffitiWebFile ) Removes a file from the display.
Remove( theFile as String )
RemoveAll() Remove all files from the display.
UpdateName( theFile as GraffitiWebFile ) Updates the item's name in the display to match that of the GraffitiWebFile object.


Name Type Default Value Description
AllowRemove Boolean True Allow users to remove items from the upload display.
PromptText String “Drop Files Here” Sets the text to be displayed when the control has no currently listed files.
ThumbnailHeight Integer 120 The height to be used for display picture thumbnails.
ThumdnailWidth Integer 0 Width of thumbnails. Leave at 0 to maintain aspect ratio.


Items Added Programmatically

Adding an item programmatically using the AddFile method does not transfer the image to the browser of the user. This is to save on transfer limits and improve overall speed of the component.