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This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
KeyPress(KeyCode as Integer, AltKey as Boolean, CtrlKey as Boolean, ShiftKey as Boolean) Fires when a key or key combination is pressed on the keyboard while the Wall has focus.
ScrollBottom() Fires when the user has scrolled all the way to the bottom of the available height. Typically used to lazy load more panels.


Definition Description
AddPanel( thePanel as GraffitiWebWallPanel ) Adds a panel to the wall.
GetIndex( thePanel as GraffitiWebWallPanel ) as Integer Returns the index of the panel.
GetPanel( panelIndex as Integer ) as GraffitiWebWallPanel Returns the panel at the panelIndex position of the panels array.
InsertPanel( AtIndex as Integer, thePanel as GraffitiWebWallPanel ) Inserts a panel at the given index.
PanelCount() as Integer The number of panels currently displayed.
RemoveAll() Remove all panels.
RemovePanel( panelIndex as Integer ) Removes the panel at panelIndex in the panels array from the display.
RemovePanel( thePanel as GraffitiWebWallPanel ) Removes the specified panel.


Name Type Default Value Description
GutterHeight Integer 10 The height of the bottom margins of each panel.
GutterWidth Integer 10 The width of the left/right gutter between the items.
LockUpdate Boolean False Block the display from updating, when true. Update display when set to false.
Panels() GraffitiWebWallPanel Nil The current array of panels. Editing this manually will not cause updates to the display. Please use the built-in methods.


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