API Distinctions

Xojo now has a number of different APIs for projects. This document is an attempt to clarify what we mean when we say API 1.0 and API 2.0.

When listing API versions on the Downloads page, this is typically a signifier of the control framework supported rather than the code framework, but the code framework will move from time-to-time to match Xojo releases out of necessity. We cannot guarantee that any release of GraffitiSuite will work with old versions of Xojo.

Desktop Framework

Xojo Desktop currently has two versions of control APIs. API 1.0 is the classic framework, and API 2.0 is the new prefixed framework. As an example, ListBox in Desktop API 1.0 is now DesktopListBox in API 2.0.

As of Release 43, GraffitiSuite no longer supports Desktop Framework API 1.0.

Web Framework

Xojo Web is currently only supported in their API 2.0 incarnation, which is a complete rewrite from their original Web API 1.0.

As of Release 35, GraffitiSuite no longer supports Web Framework API 1.0


There have been three major Xojo code APIs. The classic API, the namespaced API, and API 2.0. These APIs, at the time of this writing, can be used side-by-side in projects.

GraffitiSuite products are written and maintained in the newest API in order to ensure that the latest versions of Xojo are supported. As such, GraffitiSuite may not operate in old versions of Xojo without modifications. If you absolutely must use an old version of Xojo, then you should attempt to determine which version of GraffitiSuite is best suited for that release by reviewing the GraffitiSuite ChangeLog release dates. While GraffitiSuite will continue to use both API 1.0 and API 2.0 (rarely the namespaced API) for the foreseeable future, the end goal is to eventually migrate all code to API 2.0.