API 2.0 Support

Do Not Use

Xojo 2019R2 should be avoided. Please use Xojo 2019R2.1 or later.


With the release of Xojo 2019R2.1, GraffitiSuite should “just work” in most projects. If you run in to specific issues, please open a ticket so that we may investigate and correct.

Transition Timeline

As necessary, any code that is worked on will be transitioned to API 2.0. This will not be an immediate move as there is far too much code to tackle to make the transition in a single sweeping motion and appropriately retest everything.

New Classes

With 2019R2 there were new classes added, such as DateTime. While these are desirable, in order to maintain backward compatibility for all customers, GraffitiSuite will not immediately be migrating to using these new classes.

In the interim, you may use the following functions to convert between the Date class and the new DateTime class.

Public Function DateTimeToDate(dt as DateTime) as Date
  Return new Date( dt.Year, dt.Month, dt.Day, dt.Hour, dt.Minute, dt.Second, dt.Timezone.SecondsFromGMT / 3600 )
End Function
Public Function DateToDateTime(d as Date) as DateTime
  return new DateTime( d.Year, d.Month, d.Day, d.Hour, d.Minute, d.Second, d.GMTOffset * 3600 )
End Function