2012 Holiday Sale

JOHNSON CITY, TN (October 7, 2012) GraffitiSuite gets two new classes, and more bug fixes.

Now through January 15, 2013, take advantage of our holiday sale when purchasing new subscriptions, extensions, or upgrades. Simply use the coupon code “HOLIDAY2012” to save 15%.

GraffitiSuite consists of GraffitiAccordion, GraffitiActionBar, GraffitiButton, GraffitiColorPicker, GraffitiFadeLabel, GraffitiFadePanel, GraffitiHTMLLabel, GraffitiImageWell, GraffitiProgress, GraffitiPropertyList, GraffitiRadialProgress, GraffitiRibbon, GraffitiScrollContainer, GraffitiSearchCanvas, GraffitiSeparator, GraffitiSplitter, GraffitiStatus, GraffitiStepBar, GraffitiSwitch, GraffitiVBScript, and KillerToolBar, with more planned for release in the coming months.

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