I’m constantly blown away by the responsiveness and quality of Anthony’s support for his amazing product. As an engineer, I’ve not been known for my good looking user interfaces, but using the GraffitiSuite libraries have allowed our team to deliver impressive experiences quickly. It seems that Xojo Web 2.0 got a whole lot more functionality very quickly using this codebase and the support is the best I’ve ever experienced.

Dr. James Mullins

Founder and CTO – FLAIM Systems, Australia

I was in a huge bind and needed a Xojo Web tree control that looked nice and performed well. I kept looking around and finally came across GraffitiSuite Web Edition. What an answer to prayer! The treeview control worked like a champ and performed better than any of the others. Additionally Anthony went above and beyond to answer my questions. He was very critical to my getting an application done and deployed into production. I absolutely could not have done it without his help. And on top of all that I ended up using a couple other controls in the GraffitiSuite Web Edition that made my application look very modern. Anthony pays a lot of attention to detail to get his stuff looking very nice! I cannot recommend either Anthony or his products strongly enough!

Craig Boyd

I bought Anthony’s controls to give my UI some professionalism… the kind of special touch UI’s need in todays world. And they work brilliantly well. I’ve spent a lot of time on the “function” of my project and now Graffiti has added some very powerful “form”, and general good looks to it. HOWEVER… the best part about Graffiti is the relationship with Anthony. Any questions or suggestions are replied to and acted on exceptionally quickly. The service is brilliant. I cant rate it high enough.

James Nicholson-Plank

Icon Communications, Ltd.

GraffitiSuite offers an incredibly flexible set of tools. The suite enhances the appearance, usability, and flexibility of my applications. They make my hobby applications appear professional, and I would not use Xojo without them.

David Roe

Patent Attorney

This suite includes a great set of professional custom controls.
Using them allows Your solutions to shine seven days per week!

Highly recommended!

Dennis Wallentin


Working with GraffitiSuite and Anthony is a real pleasure. The controls are flexible, powerful, easy to customize and look great! GraffitiSuite takes Xojo development to the next level of functionality and interface design. On top of this, Anthony is fast to fix problems, implement ideas, and support his product all around.

Andrew Kinnear

HTA Pro Software

For projects I’ve been working on, I used various GraffitiSuite classes. These classes are an awesome extension to Xojo and work very good.
In the past I needed an extra class Anthony reacted quick and the new class was rock solid. Bugs are also solved quick and good.
Now whenever I need a certain class, I always look in GraffitiSuite first before looking for another solutions, but I will not hesitate to ask Anthony if he can add the class I need to GraffitiSuite.
GraffitiSuite for me is the best extension to Xojo.

Paul Sondervan

Sondervan Automatisering

As I was starting a large web project on a deadline, I decided to invest in GraffitiSuite. I discovered that not only had I invested in web components, but I had also invested in Anthony who provided the help I needed to keep my project on schedule.

He responded quickly to all of my questions and provided examples that enabled me to integrate components even faster.


Peter Stallo

Prodigy Anesthesia