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About #

This module brings together the GraffitiColor.Windows and GraffitiColors.MacOS modules with static values for Linux to provide a single function call for retrieving common color values.

Methods #

Definition Description
Accent() as Color Returns a system and DarkMode aware value for this system color component.
BackgroundControl() as Color
BackgroundControlDisabled() as Color
BackgroundControlSelected() as Color
BackgroundMenu() as Color
BackgroundMenuItemSelected() as Color
BackgroundScrollbar() as Color
BackgroundTextHighlight() as Color
BackgroundWindow() as Color
BevelDark() as Color
BevelLight() as Color
BorderWindow() as Color
FocusRing() as Color
Highlight() as Color
ProcessError() as Color
ProcessSuccess() as Color
ProcessWarning() as Color
Separator() as Color
TextControl() as Color
TextControlDisabled() as Color
TextHighlight() as Color
TextLink() as Color
TextLinkHover() as Color
TextMenuItem() as Color
TextMenuItemSelected() as Color
TextPlaceholder() as Color
TextWindow() as Color
TextWindowTitle() as Color
IsDarkMode() as Boolean Uses the OS-specific implementations to determine if the system theme is Dark or Light.
toDictionary() as Dictionary Returns a Dictionary object containing all returned color values.