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GraffitiGradientSelector is GraffitiFadePanel on steroids. It can be used to display entirely custom gradated color schemes or for selection of such schemes.


  • Controls for managing color position and scale.
  • Linear or Radial display styles.
  • Definable rotation for linear style gradients.
  • Full cursor interactivity.

Enumerations #

Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.

Constants #

Name Type Value
StyleLinear Integer 0
StyleRadial Integer 1

Events #

Definition Description
AddMarker( MarkerPosition as Integer, byRef MarkerColor as Color ) When a marker is added to the display by the user, this event will fire with the relevant information.
DebugDrawTime( intSeconds as Double ) This event fires after each redraw of the display as a means of determining how long these redraws take, and can be used to troubleshoot speed issues.
MarkerClick( Marker as GSColor ) This event fires when the user clicks a color marker on the display.
MarkerDrag( Marker as GSColor, PreviousPosition as Integer ) Fired when the user is performing a drag operation on a marker.
MarkerMoved( Marker as GSColor, PreviousPosition as Integer ) Fires when the user has released the mouse after a drag operation.
MarkerRemoved( Marker as GSColor, PreviousPosition as Integer ) Fires when the user drags a marker from the display, removing it.
MarkerScaleChanged( Marker as GSColor, PreviousScale as Integer ) Fires the user has changed the gradient scale for the specified marker.

Methods #

Definition Description
AddValue( newColor as Color, newPosition as Integer, newScale as Integer = 50 ) Used to add a new color to the display at a specified position and with a specified scale.
AddValue( newValue as GSColor )
DeleteAll() Removes all colors from the display.
DeleteValue( intIndex as Integer ) Removes a color from the display by index or object.
DeleteValue( thisValue as GSColor )
FindMarker( Marker as GSColor ) as Integer Find a value within the array of color values by the specified criteria.
FindMarker( MarkerValue as Color, MarkerPosition as Integer )
InsertValue( intIndex as Integer, newColor as Color, newPosition as Integer ) Adds a color to the display at the defined point in the array.
InsertValue( intIndex as Integer, newValue as GSColor )
UpdateValue( intIndex as Integer, newColor as Color ) Updates the given color value’s properties.
UpdateValue( intIndex as Integer, newColor as Color, newPosition as Integer )
UpdateValue( intIndex as Integer, newPosition as Integer )

Properties #

Name Type Default Value Description
Angle Integer 0 The angle of the gradient (0-359)
AntiAliasRadial Boolean True Determines whether a radial gradient is anti-aliased, thus removing the potentially jagged look.
BGColor Color &c000000 The background color of the control.
BorderColor Color &c000000 The color used for the border of the display.
ExcludeMarker GSColor Nil Used to hide a marker from the display.
FillBackground Boolean &c000000 Determines whether the class will draw a solid color behind the display and markers.
FillBackgroundColor Color &c000000 Determines the color used if FillBackground is equal to True.
MarkerBGColor Color &c000000 Determines the background color of the display markers.
MarkerBorderColor Color &c000000 Determines the border color of the display markers.
NoUpdate Boolean &c000000 Used to signal that the display should not refresh for any reason.
ScaleMarkerBGColor Color &c000000 The background color used to display scale markers on the display.
ShowControls Boolean False Determines whether markers are shown on the display.
Style Integer 0 Determines the style of the gradient to be displayed. Constant values

Examples #

There are currently no examples for this class.