Enumerations #


Constants #

This class exposes no constants.

Events #

NameParametersReturn TypeDescription
InitializingObjectinstance as GraffitiLayoutObjectBooleanRaised during the initialization process to allow for setting custom properties of the GraffitiLayoutObject. Return False to exclude from Layout resize operations.
ResizedNoneNoneRaised when a resize has completed.
Resizingcontrol as GraffitiLayoutObjectNoneRaised for each object during resize operations.

Methods #

NameParametersReturn TypeDescription
ConstructorNoneNoneInstantiates a new object.
Constructorview as ObjectNoneInstantiates a new object controlling the specified view.
ObjectFromContentscontrol as ObjectGraffitiLayoutObjectSearches controlled GraffitiLayoutObjects for the instance that represents the value of the control parameter.

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
BaseFontSizeInteger12Font size used in resize operations where a control’s font size is returned as the system default of 0.
ConstainProportionsBooleanFalseWhen True, will attempt to resize the view and controls proportional to their initial state.
ConstrainToContentBooleanFalseWhen True, views will be constrained to the maximum size of their contents rather than based on their initial state.
ContentMarginInteger20Margin applied to outside edges of views.
FontSizingFontSizingsFontSizings.HeightDetermines which criteria is used when calculating font sizes. Height will, most often, be the correct choice.
ViewObjectNilThe view controlled by this instance. Once set, cannot be changed. Valid value types are DesktopContainer and DesktopWindow.

Notes #

GraffitiLayoutGraffitiSuite #

Some GraffitiSuite controls require special operations to function properly in a view that is controlled by GraffitiLayout. When using GraffitiSuite controls on a view, the superclass of your GraffitiLayout object should be GraffitiLayoutGraffitiSuite for compatibility.