Enumerations #

Name Values
SymbolPaths Circle

Constants #

Name Type Value

This class exposes no constants.

Events #

Definition Parameters Return Type Description

This class exposes no events.

Methods #

Definition Parameters Return Type Description
Constructor path as SymbolPaths None Creates a new instance.
fillColor as Color

Properties #

Name Type Default Value Description
Anchor Xojo.Point Nil Position in pixels to anchor the icon relative to the symbol.
FillColor Color &c000000 Color to use when drawing the symbol.
LabelOrigin Xojo.Point Position in pixels of the label relative to the symbol.
Path SymbolPaths Circle Path to apply as the Symbol’s display.
Rotation Double 0 Determines the rotational vector of the symbol when displayed. Value in degrees.
Scale Double -1 Size of the icon. -1 for default.
StrokeColor Color &c000000 Color applied to the symbol’s outer edge.
StrokeWeight Integer -1 Thickness of the symbol’s outer edge.

Examples #

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Notes #

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