Inherits from GraffitiRibbonItem

Enumerations #

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Constants #

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Events #

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This class exposes no events.

Methods #

Definition Description
AddItem( Item as GraffitiRibbonItem ) Adds an item to the group. Cannot be of type GraffitiRibbonGroup or GraffitiRibbonTab.
Child( childIndex as Integer ) as GraffitiRibbonItem Returns the item at the given index.
Constructor() Instantiates the object with no caption.
Constructor( groupCaption as String ) Instantiate the object with the specified caption.
Count() as Integer Returns the number of objects in the group.
Remove( index as Integer ) Removes the item specified by index.
RemoveAll() Removes all child items.

Properties #

Name Type Default Value Description
Caption String “” The caption of the group.
MaxWidth Integer -1 The maximum drawable width of the group. Set -1 for automatic.
MinWidth Integer 0 The minimum drawable width of the group.
SeparatorHorizontal Boolean True Controls the display of a horizontal separator above the caption.
SeparatorVertical Boolean True Controls the display of a vertical separator to the right of the group.
Width String “25%” The width the group will occupy in its’ parent tab’s drawable area. Can use percentages or integers as a string.

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