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GraffitiCard is a desktop implementation of popular web components meant to convey information in an encapsulated form with a call-to-action button.


  • Optional Title, Image, Header, Subheader, Content, and Button areas
  • Dark Mode aware
  • Text is fully customizable
  • Auto-height support for variable content

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Events #

Definition Description
Action() Raised when the user clicks the card’s button.
HeightChanged() Raised when the height of the card has changed. Only fires when the AutoHeight property is True.

Methods #

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Properties #

Name Type Default Value Description
AutoHeight Boolean True When True the Card will resize vertically so that its content fills the entire area.
BackgroundColor Color &c000000 Color applied to card background.
BorderColor Color &c000000 Color applied to card border.
Button String “Button Text” When length = 0, button will not be shown.
ButtonBold Boolean False Font weight of button.
ButtonBorderRadius Integer 8 Border radius of button object.
ButtonColor Color &c000000 Color applied to button object’s background
ButtonFontFace String “System” Font used for drawing button text.
ButtonFontSize Integer 16 Font size applied to button text.
ButtonItalic Boolean False If True button text will be italicized.
ButtonTextColor Color &c000000 Color applied to button object’s text.
ButtonUnderline Boolean When True button text will be underlined.
Content String “Content” Text to be displayed in the content area of the card.
ContentAlignment Alignments Alignments.Left Drawing position of content.
ContentBold Boolean False Font weight of content text.
ContentFontFace String “System” Font face applied to content text.
ContentFontSize Integer 0 Font size used for drawing content text.
ContentItalic Boolean False When True content text will be italicized.
ContentTextColor Color &c000000 Color applied to content text.
ContentUnderline Boolean False If True, applies an underline to content text.
CornerRadius Double 12 Determines the roundness of the cards’ corners.
CustomColors Boolean False When True, uses the custom color properties for drawing.
Header String “Header Text” Text to draw in the header position of the card.
HeaderBold Boolean False Font weight of header.
HeaderFontFace String “System” Font face of header.
HeaderFontSize Integer 16 Font size of header.
HeaderItalic Boolean False When True, makes header text italicized.
HeaderTextColor Color &c000000 Color applied to header text.
HeaderUnderline Boolean False Applies underline to header text.
Image Picture Nil Image displayed below the title and above the header.
Subheader String “Subheader” Text displayed below the header and above the content.
SubheaderBold Boolean False Font weight of the subheader text.
SubheaderFontFace String “System” Font face used for subheader text.
SubheaderFontSize Integer 14 Font size used for subheader text.
SubheaderItalic Boolean False When True, subheader text will be italicized.
SubheaderTextColor Color &c000000 Color applied to subheader text.
SubheaderUnderline Boolean False Applies underline to subheader text.
Title String “Untitled” The title of the card. Appears above all other elements.
TitleBackgroundColor Color &c000000 Background color of the titlebar.
TitleBold Boolean False Font weight of title text.
TitleFontFace String “System” Font face of title text.
TitleFontSize Integer 20 Font size of title text.
TitleItalic Boolean False Makes the title text italicized.
TitleTextColor Color &c000000 Applies the specified color to the title text.
TitleUnderline Boolean Applies underline to title text.

Examples #

Conditionally Applying a Dark/Light Image #

Sub Open() Handles Open
  me.Image = demo_header_bg_light
  if GraffitiColors.SystemAware.IsDarkMode then
    me.Image = demo_header_bg_dark
  end if
End Sub

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