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GraffitiDateTimePicker is an advanced chronological selector that combines both a date picker and time picker in to a single component. It has a wide variety of features including complete color customization, and views for time, month, year, and decade.

Enumerations #

Name Values
DaysOfWeek Sunday
SelectionTypes Single
ViewTypes Month

Constants #

Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.

Events #

Definition Description
DateClick( newDate as Date ) The user clicked on a date.
MonthClick( theMonth as Integer ) The user clicked on a month.
MouseOverDate( overDate as Date ) The user moved their mouse over a date.
MouseOverMonth( theMonth as Integer ) The user moved their mouse over a month.
MouseOverYear( theYear as Integer ) The user moved their mouse over a year.
SelectionChanged() The user has select or deselected dates.
TimeChange( Hour as Integer, Minute as Integer ) The user has changed the time values.
YearClick( theYear as Integer ) The user has clicked a year.

Methods #

Definition Description
DeselectAll() Deselects all selected dates.
DeselectDate( theDate as Date ) Deselects the specified date.
GetSelectedDates() as Date() Returns an array of the currently selected dates.
NextMonth() Navigate to the next month.
NextYear() Navigate to the next year.
PreviousMonth() Navigate to the previous month.
PreviousYear() Navigate to the previous year.
SelectDate( theDate as Date ) Adds a date to the selection if multiple selections are possible, otherwise sets the current selection to theDate.
SetTime( d as Date ) Sets the displayed time to the specified value.
SetTime( intHour as Integer, intMinute as Integer )
ShowDate( theDate as Date, theView as ViewTypes ) Switches to theView type and brings theDate in to view.

Properties #

Name Type Default Value Description
ArrowColor Color &c000000 Color of the arrows to navigate.
ArrowColorHover Color &c000000 Color of the navigation arrows when hovered.
ArrowColorHoverBG Color &c000000 Background color of navigation arrows when hovered.
BGColor as Color Color &c000000 Background color for all views.
BorderSize Integer 5 Size of padding around the outside of the views.
CurrentDateBGColor Color &c000000 Background color of current date in view.
DaysBold Boolean False Display days in bold.
DaysFontName String “System” Font used to draw days.
DaysFontSize Integer 0 Font size for drawing days.
DaysItalic Boolean False Display days italicized.
DaysTextColor Color &c000000 Color of days.
DaysUnderline Boolean False Underline days.
FirstDayOfWeek DaysOfWeek DaysOfWeek.Sunday Sets the first day of the calendar week
HeaderBGColor Color &c000000 Background color of the view header area.
HeaderBold Boolean False Make header text bold.
HeaderCornerRadius Integer 0 Draw rounded corners on header background>
HeaderFontName String “System” Font name used to draw header text.
HeaderFontSize Integer 0 Size of font in header.
HeaderItalic Boolean False Italicize header text.
HeaderUnderline Boolean False Underline header text.
Locale_Days String “Su;Mo;Tu;We;Th;Fr;Sa” Text to use for days names.
Locale_Months String “Jan;Feb;Mar;Apr;May;Jun;Jul;Aug;Sep;Oct;Nov;Dec” Text to use for month names.
LockView Boolean False When true, does not allow the user to navigate between views.
MonthTextColor Color &c000000 Text color of month names.
SelectedDateBackground Color &c000000 Background color of currently selected dates.
SelectedDateText Color &c000000 Foreground color of selected dates.
SelectionType GraffitiDateTimePicker.SelectionTypes SelectionTypes.Single Sets the selection type, either Single or Range.
ShowNavigation Boolean True Draws buttons for navigating from month-to-month, year-to-year, etc.
ShowViewButton Boolean True Draws the button for navigation between calendar views. IE: Decade, Year, Month, Time.
Time24Hour Boolean False Displays time in 24-hour instead of 12-hour with AM/PM when true.
TimeHeader String “” Text to display in the Time view header.
TimeTextSize Integer 24 Size of the time text.
UseCustomColors Boolean False Overrides default colors with those from properties.
ViewDate Date Today The date that is currently being viewed in the control.
ViewSelectorColor Color &c000000 Color to draw the view selector icon.
ViewSelectorHoverBGColor Color &c0000000 Color to draw the background of the view selector icon when hovered.
ViewSelectorHoverColor Color &c000000 Color to draw the view selector icon when hovered.
ViewType ViewTypes ViewTypes.Month Sets or retrieves the current view type.
WeekdayBold Boolean False Sets whether the week day names should be bold.

Examples #

There are currently no examples for this class.