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About #

GraffitiImageWell allows developers to quickly and easily incorporate an Image-Viewer UI in to their application, potentially saving 100s of hours of development time.


  • Built-in file loading
  • Built-in Zoom
  • Built-in image dragging
  • Animated caption bar for added style
  • Fully customizable colors and opacities

Enumerations #

Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.

Constants #

Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.

Events #

Definition Description
Click() Fires when the image is clicked.
ClickOpen() Fires when the Open button is clicked.
ValueChanged() Fires when the image is changed.

Methods #

Definition Description
This class does not expose any methods.

Properties #

Name Type Default Value Description
AllowDrag Boolean False Determines whether control supports dragging the image around within the viewable area.
BGColor Color &c000000 The background color drawn behind the image.
Border Boolean False Determines whether a border is drawn around the class.
BorderColor Color &c000000 The border color of the class.
CanZoomIn Boolean False (Read-Only) Returns whether the image can be zoomed in further.
CanZoomOut Boolean False (Read-Only) Returns whether image can be zoomed out further.
Caption String “” Text to display in place of the file name for the caption.
CaptionBGColor Color &c000000 The color drawn behind the caption text and Open/Zoom buttons.
CaptionForeColor Color &c000000 The color used to draw the caption and Open/Zoom buttons.
CaptionOpacity Integer 0 The visibility of the caption bar. 0-255
EnableKeyboard Boolean False Determines whether the user’s keyboard controls the class.
GridColor Color &c000000 The color of the overlay grid.
GridOpacity Integer 0 The visibility of the overlay grid. 0-255
GridSize Integer 5 The size of the overlay grid squares in pixels.
Image Picture Nil The image displayed within the class.
ImageX Integer 0 The current X position of the image within the viewable area.
ImageY Integer 0 The current Y position of the image within the viewable area.
LargeKeyboardMovement Integer 10 The distance in pixels that the image is moved when using Shift+Arrow Keys to move the image.
ShowCaption Boolean False Determines whether the caption bar is visible.
ShowCaptionOnHover Boolean False When set to True, the caption will appear when the mouse is over the control. When set to False, the caption will either be always visible or always invisible.
ShowGrid Boolean True Determines whether the overlay grid is visible.
ShowOpenInCaption Boolean False Hide/Show the Open button in the caption bar.
ShowZoomInCaption Boolean False Hide/Show the Zoom buttons in the caption bar.
SmallKeyboardMovement Integer 1 Sets the distance in pixels that the image within the viewable area is moved while using the keyboard’s arrow keys.
SnapToGrid Boolean False Sets whether the image contained within the viewable area will snap to the overlay grid or move freely.
ZoomLevel Integer 100 Sets/Returns the current zoom level of the image contained within the viewable area.

Examples #

There are currently no examples for this class.