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About #

GraffitiProgress is a cross-platform style-mimicking progress bar class. With styles for Windows, OS X, and Linux, your application will look right at home.


  • Horizontal or Vertical Styling
  • Filled or Blocked Styling
  • Custom Percentage text
  • Custom Percentage symbol
  • Custom Color Properties
  • Windows 9x Flat style
  • Windows 9x 3D style
  • Windows XP Style
  • Mac OS X style
  • KDE style
  • Windows Vista style
  • and a custom gel style called “GelCore”

Enumerations #

DirectionsHorizontal = 0
Vertical = 1
FillStylesSolid = 0
Blocked = 1
StylesWin9xFlat = 0
Win9x3D = 1
WinXP = 2
MacOSX = 3
KDE = 4
WinVista = 5
GelCore = 6
Dark = 7

Constants #

  This class exposes no constants.

Events #


Methods #

StyleCount() as Integer 
StyleName( Index as Integer ) as String 

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription 
BGColorDarkColor&c000000The dark background color of the control. 
BGColorLightColor&c000000The light background color of the control. 
BoldBooleanFalseDetermines the font weight of the text shown. 
BorderColorColor&c000000Color used to draw the control’s border. 
BorderRadiusDouble1Determines the thickness of the control’s border. 
CustomTextString“”Used for displaying text other than a numerical percentage. 
DirectionDirectionsDirections.HorizontalDetermines whether the control is drawn horizontally or vertically. 
ItalicBooleanFalseDetermines whether the text is displayed in italics. 
MaximumValueInteger100The maximum displayed value. 
MinimumValueInteger0The minimum displayed value. 
PercentSignString“%”Allows you to determine what text is displayed after the number value, ie: 50%, 50.00, 50#, 50!!!!YAY!!! 
ProgressColorDarkColor&c000000Dark color of the filled progress area. 
ProgressColorLightColor&c000000Light color of the filled progress area. 
ProgressStyleFillStylesFillStyles.SolidDetermines the visual appearance of the filled progress area. 
ProgressTextColorDarkColor&c000000Dark color of the progress text. 
ProgressTextColorLightColor&c000000Light color of the progress text. 
ProgressTextFontString“system”Font face used to draw the progress text. 
ProgressTextSizeInteger0Size of the font used to draw the progress text. 
ShowProgressTextBooleanTrueSets whether the control will show any progress text. 
StyleStylesStyles.Win9xFlatDetermines the visual style to be displayed. 
UnderlineBooleanFalseSets the text decoration. 
UseCustomSchemeBooleanFalseDetermines whether the control will use custom colorsdefined by the user, or the default schemes for each style.
ValueInteger0Sets the numeric value of the control. Accepts integers from 0-100.\\To calculate percentage, use the following formula: (DoneSoFar / TotalToDo) * 100. 

Examples #

There are currently no examples for this class.