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About #

GraffitiSeparator is the easy way to add custom UI segmenting lines to your applications.


  • 14 different line styles to choose from
  • Variable line width/height
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Gradient support

Enumerations #

Name Values
Directions Horizontal = 0
Vertical = 1
Styles Solid = 0
DoubleSolid = 1
TripleSolid = 2
Dashed = 3
DoubleDashed = 4
TripleDashed = 5
Dotted = 6
DoubleDotted = 7
TripleDotted = 8
Inset = 9
DoubleInset = 10
TripleInset = 11
Raised = 12
DoubleRaised = 13
TripleRaised = 14

Constants #

Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.

Events #

Definition Description
This class does not expose any events.

Methods #

Definition Description
AddColor( NewColor as Color ) Adds a defined color for the gradient array. For non-gradient display, the first element in the Colors array will be used to draw.
ChangeColor( Index as Integer, NewColor as Color ) Quickly swaps out the color at Index for NewColor.
RemoveAllColors() Removes all colors from the Colors() array.
RemoveColor( Index as Integer ) Removes the Color from the Colors() array by Index.

Properties #

Name Type Default Value Description
BorderWidth Integer 1 The width of the border.
Colors() Color Nil The array of colors to use for drawing the separator fill.
IsGradient Boolean False Sets whether the separator is drawn as a gradient.
Orientation Directions Directions.Horizontal Determines how the separator is drawn.
Style Styles Styles.Solid Sets how the separator is displayed.

Examples #

There are currently no examples for this class.