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About #

With GraffitiStatusBar, you can convey important information non-invasively to your users, via the Graphical User Interface. Built with developers in mind, GraffitiStatus is sure to spice up any project.


  • Left- or Right-click support
  • Static item width by pixels or percentage
  • Dynamic item width by contents
  • Custom color and text style options per-item
  • Items may have Icons
  • Separators easily added
  • Option to adapt seamlessly by platform: OS X, Windows, and Linux
  • Visual styles include: Mac OS X, Win32, WinXP, WinVista, KDE, WinXP Blue TaskBar, WinXP Silver TaskBar, Leopard Reflection, and Leopard Graphite

Enumerations #

Name Values
Styles Mac OSX = 0
Win32 = 1
WinXP = 2
WinVista = 3
KDE = 4
WinXP Silver Taskbar = 5
WinXP Blue Taskbar = 6
Leopard Reflection = 7
Leopard Graphite = 8
DarkMode = 9

Constants #

Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.

Events #

Definition Parameters Return Type Description
ItemDoublePressed item as GraffitiStatusBarItem None Raised when the user has double-clicked or -pressed the specified item.
ItemPressed Index as Integer None Fires when the user clicks a GraffitiStatusBarItem. Index indicates which cell in Items() array was clicked, and which mouse button was used( 0 = Left, 1 = Right )
Button as Integer = 0
ItemMouseEnter item as GraffitiStatusBarItem None Raised when the user’s mouse has entered the display area of the specified item.
ItemMouseExit item as GraffitiStatusBarItem None Raised when the user’s mouse has exited the display area of the specified item.

Methods #

Definition Parameters Return Type Description
AddItem StatusBarItem as GraffitiStatusBarItem None Adds a defined StatusBarItem to the Items() array.
InsertItem Index as Integer None Adds the defined Item to the Items() array at the specified Index.
Item as GraffitiStatusBarItem
LastIndex None Integer Returns the index of the last item in the internal items array.
RemoveAll None None Removes all GraffitiStatusBarItems from the Items() array, and the display.
RemoveItem ItemIndex as Integer None Removes the GraffitiStatusBarItem from the Items() array and the display by the ItemIndex.
StyleCount None Integer Returns the number of visual styles available. For enumeration, use StyleCount – 1.
StyleName StyleIndex as Integer String Returns the name of the style specified by StyleIndex.

Properties #

Name Type Default Value Description
BarBorderColor Color &c000000 Determines the border color of the StatusBar
BarColor Color &c000000 Sets the background color of the StatusBar.
Style Styles Styles.MacOSX Determines the visual style to use for the control.
UseCustomColors Boolean False Determines whether the control will use the default color schemes for the styles, or the user-defined color scheme.
UseDefaultSystemStyle Boolean True When set to true, will cause the status to detect the best style for the user’s operating system, and display that.

Examples #

There are currently no examples for this class.