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About #

A display for integral actions, such as movement through a wizard. Uses custom icons and allows clicks, so it may double as a simple toolbar.


  • Clickable steps
  • Define custom point width
  • Define custom colors

Enumerations #

 This class exposes no enumerations.

Constants #

  This class exposes no constants.

Events #

StepClicked(ItemClicked as GraffitiStepBarItem, ItemIndex as Integer) as BooleanA step on the StepBar has been clicked, return False to cancel navigation.

Methods #

AddItem( newItem as GraffitiStepBarItem )Add a new StepBarItem to the class.
ItemCount() as IntegerReturns the number of StepBarItems currently displayed.
RemoveItem( Index as Integer )Removes the item at the specified index.

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
AllowNavigationBooleanFalseAllow the user to change the value of the StepBar by clicking steps.
BackgroundColorActiveColorGroupNilSets the background color for active steps when UseCustomColors is True.
BackgroundColorInactiveColorGroupNilSets the background color for inactive steps when UseCustomColors is True.
BorderColorDarkColorGroupNilSets the dark border color when UseCustomColors is True.
BorderColorLightColorGroupNilSets the light border color when UseCustomColors is True.
BorderRadiusInteger20The radius of the control’s corners, in pixels.
DescriptionBoldBooleanFalseDetermines the font weight of the description text.
DescriptionColorActiveColorGroupNilDetermines the color for active description text.
DescriptionColorInactiveColorGroupNilDetermines the color for inactive description text.
DescriptionItalicBooleanFalseDetermines whether the description text is displayed in italics.
DescriptionTextFontString“System”Sets the font face for the description text.
DescriptionTextSizeInteger0Sets the font size for the description text.
DescriptionUnderlineBooleanFalseDetermines whether the description text is displayed with an underline.
PointWidthInteger0The width, in pixels, of the point for each step.
SelectedItemInteger-1Returns the index of the currently selected StepBarItem.
TitleBoldBooleanFalseSets whether the title is displayed in bold.
TitleColorActiveColorGroupNilDetermines the color of the active items title.
TitleColorInactiveColorGroupNilDetermines the color of inactive items title.
TitleItalicBooleanFalseSets whether titles are displayed in italics.
TitleTextFontString“System”The font face used to display titles.
TitleTextSizeInteger0The font size used to display titles.
TitleUnderlineBooleanFalseDetermines whether the item titles are displayed with an underline.
UseCustomColorsBooleanFalseDetermines whether the class is drawn with the custom defined colors.

Examples #

There are currently no examples for this class.