About #

Autosuggest data class for GraffitiW3W

Enumerations #

This object exposes no enumerations.

Constants #

This object exposes no constants.

Events #

This object exposes no events.

Methods #

NameParametersReturn TypeDescription
ConstructorthreeWords as StringNoneCreates a new instance of the class.

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
FocusGraffitiW3W.MapPointNilMap location against which autosuggest results are weighted.
InBoxGraffitiW3W.MapRectNilMap area within which autosuggest results should reside.
InCountriesString()EmptyAn array containing all countries within which to search. These items should be the two-character country code, IE: US, GB, NZ.
InRadiusInteger-1Radius used to restrict results when Focus is supplied.
PreferLandBooleanFalseWhen True, all results will be limited to those which are on land.
ThreeWordsStringEmptyThe ThreeWords value to search for.