About #

Specification of an area of the map as Top-Left and Bottom-Right pairs of latitude and longitude.

Enumerations #

This object exposes no enumerations.

Constants #

This object exposes no constants.

Events #

This object exposes no events.

Methods #

NameParametersReturn TypeDescription
ConstructortlLatitude as Double

tlLongitude as Double

brLatitude as Double

brLongitude as Double
NoneCreates a new instance of the class. Parameter values are stored as GraffitiW3W.MapPoint instances in the properties.
ConstructortopLeft as GraffitiW3W.MapPoint

bottomRight as GraffitiW3W.MapPoint
NoneCreates a new instance of the class.

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
BottomRightGraffitiW3W.MapPointNilBottom-right boundary of the rectangle.
TopLeftGraffitiW3W.MapPointNilTop-left boundary of the rectangle.