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About #

GraffitiW3W provides access to the What3Words API for converting map coordinates to and from easy-to-understand groups of three-word sets, such as “clip.apples.leap”.

Enumerations #

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Constants #

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Methods #

NameParametersReturn TypeDescription
GetLanguagesNoneNoneQueries the W3W API for a list of supported languages. APIKey property must be set before calling this method. This method is called automatically to populate the Languages property upon setting the APIKey property.

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
APIKeyStringEmptyThe What3Words API key to use in data requests for all W3W queries. Automatically calls the GetLanguages method.
ConnectionTimeoutInteger60Time, in seconds, to wait before cancelling a failed query.
LanguagesGraffitiW3W.Language()EmptyAn array containing all supported W3W languages.
SystemLanguageGraffitiW3W.LanguageNilA best guess as to the current matching W3W language to the system language settings. Set automatically when GetLanguages is called and the query result is parsed.