Release 46

Release Information #

Platform Version Release Date
All R46 July 13, 2022
Target New Added Fixed Changed Removed
Desktop 3 3 16 1 5
Web 2 0 5 0 0

Desktop #

Type Change
NEW GraffitiAvatar
NEW GraffitiAvatarGroup
NEW GraffitiWindowNotifier
ADDED GraffitiAnimatorControl.AnimationComplete delegate now has an animControl as GraffitiAnimatorControl parameter.
ADDED GraffitiCalendar has a new TimeFormat as String property. Leaving empty will apply the current user’s locale. Accepts Moment.js format strings.
ADDED GraffitiTagField now supports pressing Backspace to remove items.
FIXED GraffitiCalendar.DeselectAll once again functions properly. (17009)
FIXED GraffitiCalendar.SelectDates once again functions properly. (17009)
FIXED GraffitiCalendar should no longer enter an error state causing Month view to fail to render after calling DeselectAll. (17009)
FIXED GraffitiCalendar’s header text is no longer excessively large. (17009)
FIXED GraffitiGrid now properly displays and scrolls short lists of data. (16979)
FIXED GraffitiGrid now applies PanelIndex to generated scrollbars. (16979)
FIXED GraffitiGrid once again chooses an appropriate color for cell text when SystemColors = False and CustomColors = False.
FIXED GraffitiGrid now properly positions scrollbars and edit field in DesktopContainers of any depth. (16979)
FIXED GraffitiKanban once again displays columns horizontally on load when the control width is sufficiently wide. (17037)
FIXED GraffitiKanban once again applies the user’s Dark or Light mode preference at load.
FIXED GraffitiKanban no longer displays columns twice. (17037)
FIXED GraffitiKanban no longer carries out some edit operations when list items are not currently being edited. (17037)
FIXED GraffitiKanban once again raises the ListItemPressed event. (17037)
FIXED GraffitiKanban once again properly handles pressing Enter or Escape during edit operations.
FIXED GraffitiSplitter no longer neglects to reset the mouse cursor on MouseExit.
FIXED GraffitiTagField now properly uses system colors on macOS.
REMOVED GraffitiTagField.AdaptiveHeight property.
REMOVED GraffitiTagField.HeightChanged event.
REMOVED GraffitiTagField.MinimumHeight property.
REMOVED GraffitiTagField.SearchField property.
REMOVED GraffitiTagField.SetSearchField method.
CHANGED GraffitiSplitter now imposes a minimum value for MinimumLeftTop and MinimumRightBottom of 2x the size of the splitter based on the split direction in order to ensure that panes cannot become invisible and disconnected from the Splitter.
NOTE Fixed ~800 Deprecation Warnings.
NOTE GraffitiCalendar updated to FullCalendar version 3.10.2.
NOTE GraffitiCalendar and supporting classes now fully updated to API 2.0 with all deprecation warnings resolved.
NOTE GraffitiKanban editing has been updated for compatibility with the CEF version that ships with Xojo 2022r1.1.
NOTE GraffitiTagField has been modified to function better in Desktop API 2.0.
NOTE GraffitiTagField now generates its own TextField for search.
NOTE GraffitiTagField no longer supports adaptive height due to changes in Desktop API 2.0. This may be re-added at a later date by request.

Web #

Type Change
NEW GraffitiAvatar
NEW GraffitiAvatarGroup
FIXED GraffitiStyle.AddTo( selector as String) will no longer cause a JavaScript exception when the user supplies an unsanitized classname for the Style. (16994)
FIXED GraffitiGrid now retains selection after sorting. (17048)
FIXED GraffitiGrid.ScrollToRow now properly scrolls to the provided row rather than Row + 1. (17053)
FIXED GraffitiGrid now properly sets the focus to the Grid control when calling the SetFocus method. If there are no cells selected in the Grid when this method is called, cell (0, 0) will be selected. (17053)
FIXED GraffitiGrid no longer scrolls by pages when scrolling up using arrow keys. (17053)