Release 47

Release Information #

Platform Version Release Date
All R47 July 26, 2022
Target New Added Fixed Changed Removed
Desktop 0 8 8 1 1
Web 1 4 11 0 0

Desktop #

Type Change
ADDED GraffitiFontPicker now creates its own search field.
ADDED GraffitiFontPicker has a new AlwaysShowScrollbars as Boolean = True property for determining if scrollbars should be logically hidden or shown based on cursor position.
ADDED GraffitiFontPicker now creates a scrollbar for the Favorites section.
ADDED GraffitiFontPicker now creates a scrollbar for the All Fonts section.
ADDED GraffitiTagField now has a LastItemIndex method.
ADDED GraffitiTagField now has a RemoveAllItems method.
ADDED GraffitiTagField has a new TagMouseEnter(tag as GraffitiTagFieldItem) event.
ADDED GraffitiTagField has a new TagMouseExit(tag as GraffitiTagFieldItem) event.
FIXED GraffitiColorPicker no longer draws the color wheel twice on Windows.
FIXED GraffitiColorPicker now draws a crosshair for the current color position on the color wheel when not dragging.
FIXED GraffitiColorPicker’s color wheel should now redraw more quickly.
FIXED GraffitiFontPicker now applies transparent to the Search field’s background to address changes to Xojo.
FIXED GraffitiFontPicker now properly scrolls using the mouse wheel on macOS, working around a known bug in Xojo relating to mouse coordinates in the MouseWheel event. (17093)
FIXED GraffitiFontPicker now properly truncates long font names.
FIXED GraffitiFontPicker once again removes all recents on the first pass when clicking the reset button.
FIXED GraffitiWindowNotifier now keeps notes visible when passing 0 to Add. (17080)
REMOVED GraffitiTagField.TagHover event
CHANGED GraffitiTagField now draws item close icons to the right, matching the current expected UI conventions. It was drawn on the left previously as this type of control was relatively unseen when the control was first developed and there was no user expectation of position.
NOTE GraffitiTagField’s mouse handling has been significantly modified to simplify the code.

Web #

Type Change
NEW GraffitiThumbList
ADDED GraffitiCalendar has a new StyleTitle as GraffitiStyle property. (17085)
ADDED GraffitiCalendar has a new NavigationButtonPressed event that is raised when the user clicks or touches one of the navigation buttons in toolbar. Implementing this event does not cancel default operations. (17085)
ADDED GraffitiCalendar has a new NavigationButtons enumeration.
ADDED GraffitiAccordion once again applies the BaseStyle property to the correct element to override overall default style. (17119)
FIXED Global jQuery 3.5.1 compatibility fixes. (17132)
FIXED GraffitiCalendar now updates custom styles when changing Show* properties. (17085)
FIXED GraffitiCalendar has improved handling for header buttons, and will no longer show the header is none of the buttons are enabled. (17085)
FIXED GraffitiCalendar will now properly override FullCalendar defaults on Center and Right header positions when none of the buttons are enabled. (17085)
FIXED GraffitiCamera should no longer experience timing issues when detecting cameras. (17077)
FIXED GraffitiGrid.AddRow once again sends updated rows when setting LockUpdate to False. (17130)
FIXED GraffitiKanban no longer carries out some edit operations when list items are not currently being edited. (17077)
FIXED GraffitiKanban once again raises the ListItemPressed event. (17077)
FIXED GraffitiKanban once again properly handles pressing Enter or Escape during edit operations. (17077)
FIXED GraffitiMapViewer.RemoveAllShapes now removes more than the first shape. (17120)
FIXED GraffitiMapViewer.RemoveShape now properly removes the reference to the shape on the client side. (17120)
NOTE Fixed a number of issues with the DateTimePicker demo page.