Release 49.1

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Release Information #

Platform Version Release Date
Web R49.1 March 15, 2023
Target New Added Fixed Changed Removed
Desktop 0 0 0 0 0
Web 1 3 4 0 0

Desktop #

Type Ticket Change Date
No changes present

Web #

Type Ticket Change Date
NEW None GraffitiEventManager 2023-03-15
ADDED None GraffitiLikertQuestion has a new Description as String property. 2023-03-06
ADDED 17865 GraffitiLikert has a new IsVertical as Boolean = False property for display responses vertically rather than horizontally. 2023-03-06
ADDED 17847 GraffitiPopupMenu has a new AllowClear as Boolean = False property. When set to True, a clear button will be displayed when there is a selected item and MultipleSelect = False. 2023-02-27
FIXED 17850 GraffitiColorPicker now supports the disabled state. 2023-02-28
FIXED None GraffitiLikert now properly links response labels to their radiobuttons. 2023-03-06
FIXED None GraffitiPopupMenu no longer hides overflow, causing focus rects to be cut off. 2023-02-27
FIXED 17868 GraffitiPopupMenu once again honors the Enabled property after adding or removing items. 2023-03-06