Release 51

Release Information #

PlatformNewAddedFixedChangedRemovedRelease Date
Desktop017912August 9, 2023
Mobile (Alpha)40320August 9, 2023
Web04313August 9, 2023

Desktop Changes #

TypeTicket NumberDescriptionDate
ADDED49GraffitiCalendar now has a ShowWeekNumbers as Boolean = False property.2023-06-29
ADDEDNoneGraffitiCalendar now has a WeekNumberLocation as WeekNumberLocations property.2023-06-29
ADDEDNoneGraffitiCalendar now has a WeekNumberLocations enumeration. 0 = SeparateColumn, 1 = InFirstDay2023-06-29
ADDEDNoneGraffitiCalendar now has a WeekNumberType as WeekNumberTypes property.2023-06-29
ADDEDNoneGraffitiCalendar now has a WeekNumberTypes enumeration. 0 = Local, 1 = ISO2023-06-29
ADDED58GraffitiModalInstance has a new OverlayColor as ColorGroup property.2023-07-10
ADDED56GraffitiNote has a new ButtonFontBold as Boolean property.2023-07-07
ADDED56GraffitiNote has a new ButtonFontItalic property.2023-07-07
ADDED56GraffitiNote has a new ButtonFontName as String = “System” property.2023-07-07
ADDED56GraffitiNote has a new ButtonFontSize as String = 0 property.2023-07-07
ADDED56GraffitiNote has a new ButtonFontUnderline as Boolean property.2023-07-07
ADDED56GraffitiNote has a new ButtonText as String property.2023-07-07
ADDED77GraffitiProgress has a new BorderColor as Color property to replace the two old BorderColor properties.2023-08-02
ADDED77GraffitiProgress has a new BorderRadius as Double property.2023-08-02
ADDEDNoneGraffitiTimeline now supports Dark Mode.2023-07-04
ADDED55GraffitiWindowNotifier now tracks notification badge count for macOS globally using the NotificationCount shared property. This allows users to call this method to update the value manually if they wish to do so.2023-07-07
ADDEDNoneGraffitiWindowNotifier has a new NoteButtonPressed( note as GraffitiNote ) event.2023-07-07
FIXEDNoneGraffitiAccordion no longer improperly hides panels before animating the panel collapse.2023-07-10
FIXED47GraffitiCalendar now properly sanitizes repeating event properties.2023-06-24
FIXED55GraffitiNote will now remove its note count from the Dock badge when destroyed on macOS.2023-07-25
FIXEDNoneGraffitiSegButton once again properly draws the focus ring for individual segments on macOS.2023-07-06
FIXED48GraffitiSyntaxEditor can no longer enter a state where the background color is not changed upon switching themes on macOS 13 ARM.2023-06-29
FIXED51GraffitiModal has improved key handling.2023-07-03
FIXEDNoneGraffitiModal can no longer enter an invalid drawing state if Hide or Show are called successively.2023-07-03
FIXED59GraffitiTooltip should no longer exhibit refresh issues on Windows.2023-07-11
FIXED53GraffitiWall once again properly calculates height when determining whether to show the scrollbar.2023-07-07
UPDATED75GraffitiStepBar largely reworked with additional features and to support framework changes.2023-08-01
NOTENoneGraffitiColors now has an iOS module that is mapped to the SystemAware module for iOS support.2023-07-06
NOTENoneGraffitiNote updated to use ColorGroups for properties.2023-07-07

Mobile Changes #

FIXEDNoneGraffitiAvatar no longer exposes improper superclass events.2023-07-27
FIXEDNoneGraffitiBadge no longer exposes improper superclass events.2023-07-27
FIXEDNoneGraffitiTabPanel can no longer draw tab contents improperly when rapidly changing the control’s currently selected segment.2023-08-04
CHANGEDNoneGraffitiCard.Action renamed to ButtonPressed.2023-07-27
CHANGEDNoneGraffitiSlider.ValueChange renamed to ValueChanged.2023-07-28

Web Changes #

TypeTicket NumberDescriptionDate
UPDATEDNoneAll classes and resource files updated for Bootstrap 5.x.2023-06-24
ADDED63GraffitiAccordion has a new HeaderContextPressed( item as GraffitiAccordionItem, position as Xojo.Point ) event.2023-07-14
ADDED82GraffitiGeolocation has a new Allowed property. When False, the user has either disabled Location Services, blocked location sharing for the browser, or denied access to the page when prompted.2023-08-07
ADDED81GraffitiGridColumn has a new PopupMenuSearchThreshold property that controls at what number of added items the search field will be shown in the PopupMenu editor type.2023-08-07
ADDED81GraffitiGrid now displays a disclosure triangle within PopupMenu cells.2023-08-07
FIXEDNoneGraffitiGrid now properly applies GraffitiStyles to FooterRow cells.2023-07-10
FIXED66GraffitiToggle can once again be disabled.2023-07-21
FIXED69GraffitiWall should no longer enter a state where containers are not embedded in the control upon page load.2023-07-27
REMOVEDNoneXojo 2023 Release 1.1 and lower support.2023-06-24