Creating a Sample Project for Support

Steps to Create an Example for a Ticket #

  1. Save a new copy of your project elsewhere in Binary or XML format.
  2. Identify the parts of your project copy that are necessary to recreate the issue you are reporting.
  3. Slowly remove all parts of the project until it contains only those classes/modules/windows/webpages/containers that are necessary.
  4. If, at this point, the issue is corrected, slowly undo your changes until the issue is repeatable.
  5. Submit your project, in a ZIP file, via the support ticketing system. Alternatively, see below for Dropbox instructions and warnings.

All files submitted are confidential, and customer projects are routinely removed from our servers. If you should need to submit a project larger than the allowable upload limit in our support ticket system, you may create a private Dropbox folder and invite the email address with read/write privileges.

If you choose to use Dropbox, please ensure that the permissions on your folder are correct and do not expose your folder to the wider internet. Once the issue has been addressed satisfactorily, you should then remove the folder from your Dropbox account.

We ask that your example projects not include source code or plugins that you are not the owner of, as we may not have a license to those third-party products, and you may be unknowingly violating the terms of the License Agreement with those vendors.