System Requirements

Desktop Edition #

GraffitiSuite attempts to be as available as possible on any Xojo supported target. That said, there are occasional caveats due to implementing features that Xojo does not and those potentially requiring newer operating system or library versions.

Operating SystemRequirements
LinuxLinux Mint 16 or later
CentOS 7.0 or later
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or later
Debian 6.0 or later
OpenSUSE 11.3 or later
Fedora 13 Desktop or later
macOS10.15 or later
Raspberry PiPi 2 – 4 running Raspberry Pi OS running Raspbian Buster/Jessie/Stretch
Windows8.1 or later

Mobile Edition (iOS) #

A Mac with Xcode versions14 or 15
iOS Simulator14.2 or later for M1-based Macs, any version for Intel-based Macs
iOS versions11 – 17

Web Edition #

This table is based on the use of the JavaScript ResizeObserver, which is the newest API currently in-use at the time of writing.

BrowserMinimum Version
Chrome (desktop)64
Chrome (Android) / Android Browser122
Firefox (desktop)69
Firefox (Android)123
Opera (desktop)52
Opera Mobile73
Safari (desktop)13.1
Safari (iOS)13.4