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GraffitiPagePanel is a that allows developers to embed multiple containers within their UI and easily switch between them.

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Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
BackgroundColorColorGroupNilCustomize the background color of the progressbar.
BorderColorColorGroupNilColor used to draw the border of the control.
BorderRadiusDouble0Radius of the control’s outside corners. Automatically corrects to (Max(Width, Height) / 2) – 1 is a value too large has been supplied.
BorderSizeDouble0Pen size used to draw the control’s border.
FontStyleGraffitiControlCanvas.FontStylesNilStyle — regular, bold, italic) used to draw text.
ShowValueBooleanTrueDetermines whether the control will draw the value percentage or ValueText within the progressbar.
StyleGraffitiProgressBar.StylesStyles.SolidDetermines how how the progressbar’s value is drawn.
ValueInteger0Value represented within the progressbar.
ValueColorColorGroupNilColor used to draw the area of the progressbar that is represented by Value.
ValueTextString“”Text to draw in place of the Value percentage. Must be an empty string to draw Value percentage.
ValueTextColorColorGroupNilColor used to draw the value text.