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GraffitiSignature is a class designed to make getting customer signatures using touch-enabled devices or mouse easy.


  • Variable colors for all components
  • Timer- or Drag-based capture
  • BASE64 export

Enumerations #


Constants #


This class exposes no constants.

Events #

ChangedFired when the user has complete a draw operation.

Methods #

Clear()Clears the dispalay.
toBASE64() as StringReturns the current picture value as a BASE64 sting.
toPicture(IncludeBackground as Boolean = True, IncludeBorder as Boolean = True, IncludeGuide as Boolean = True, PenColor as Color = &c000000) as PictureReturns the current picture value.

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
BackgroundColorColorGroupNilColor used to fill the display.
BorderColorColorGroupNilColor of the border for the component.
CaptureMethodGraffitiSignature.MethodsTimerDetermines how the draw operation is handled internally. Timer may use fewer CPU cycles than Drag, but may be less accurate.
DrawGuideBooleanTrueWhen True, will draw a line at the bottom with a “x” denote where to sign.
GuideColorColorGroupNilColor used to draw the guide.
PenColorColorGroupNilColor used for the signature.
PenSizeIntegerScaleFactorSize of the pen to use. When set 0 or less the current display’s ScaleFactor will be used.

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This class currently has no examples.

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This class currently has no notes.