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About #

GraffitiSplitView is a simple and powerful way to display multiple panes of data or functionality in your UI while giving users the freedom to size the areas as they need to.

Enumerations #


Constants #

This class exposes no constants.

Events #

NameParametersReturn TypeDescription
PositionChangedNoneNoneRaised when the Position value has changed.

Methods #

This class exposes no methods.

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
AllowDragResizeBooleanTrueDetermines whether users can resize the split.
BackgroundColorColorGroupNilColor applied to the background of the component.
BorderColorColorGroupNilColor applied to the border of the component.
HandleBackgroundColorColorGroupNilColor applied to the drag handle area’s background.
HandleBorderColorColorGroupNilColor used to draw the border of the handle area.
HandleColorColorGroupNilColor used to draw the drag resize handle.
HandleSizeInteger10Size of the drag handle.
PositionDouble50Position of the split in the view, in percent.
StackDirectionStackDirectionsStackDirections.HorizontalPlacement of panels views within the component.