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GraffitiControlGroup is an extraordinarily powerful component that allows you to combine any conceivable UI elements in to a single vertical or horizontal bar. The component is extremely customizable and each GraffitiControlGroupItem has extended options and functionality.

Enumerations #


Constants #

This class exposes no constants.

Events #

NameParametersReturn TypeDescription
Actionitem as GraffitiControlGroupButton
itemIndex as Integer
NoneRaised when the users presses a GraffitiControlGroupButtom. If that button has an associated menu and one of those menu items was selected, itemIndex is the index of that menu item.
ItemMouseEnteritem as GraffitiControlGroupItemNoneRaised when the user’s mouse cursor enters item’s area.
ItemMouseExititem as GraffitiControlGroupItemNoneRaised when the user’s mouse cursor exits the item’s area.
MouseEnterNoneNoneRaised when the user’s mouse cursor enters the control’s area.
MouseExitNoneNoneRaised when the user’s mouse cursor exits the control’s area.
ValueChangeitem as GraffitiControlGroupItemNoneRaised when the value of a ControlGroupItem that acts as a method of input (TextArea, TextField, Listbox, Checkbox, etc) has changed.

Methods #

NameParametersReturn TypeDescription
Additem as GraffitiControlGroupItemNoneAdds a new GraffitiControlGroupItem to the end of to group.
AddAtindex as Integer
item as GraffitiControlGroupItem
NoneAdds a new GraffitiControlItem at the specified index within the group.
IndexOfitem as GraffitiControlGroupItemIntegerReturns the index position of the specified item within the group.
ItemAtindex as IntegerGraffitiControlGroupItemReturns the item at the specified index position within the group.
LastIndexNoneIntegerReturns the index of last item within the group.
Removeitem as GraffitiControlGroupItemNoneRemoves the specified item from the group.
RemoveAllNoneNoneRemoves all items from the group.
RemoveAtindex as IntegerNoneRemoves the item at the specified index position from the group.

Properties #

NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
DirectionDirectionsDirections.HorizontalDetermines whether the group will be displayed vertically or horizontally.