Future Release Model

Time to change things up!

The Change

Beginning this week, GraffitiSuite’s release model will be changing. We’ll no longer have extensive experimental periods where updates may be few and far between, and instead will be publishing Finals more often. This means there will no longer be public Alpha, Beta, or Release Candidate packages.

The Why

One of the things learned from the survey last year is that people feel there are far too many public experimental releases between final releases. Part of the connotation with the experimental tags is that the code isn’t ready for productions when, in most cases, it is totally fine to use in production.

To alleviate this stress associated with using what’s labeled as Alpha/Beta/RC in projects, we’ll just go straight to Final more often — schedule yet to be determined, though perhaps once per month.

What This Means

Quicker access to fixes and additions is the goal. When you’re not so worried about what may be a label that doesn’t exactly describe the state of the software, you’re more likely to implement the changes contained.

It’ll also mean more frequently updated demo apps, so those of you who test against the currently deployed Web Edition demo, for instance, will get results that more closely match the current state of the software.

I truly hope this will be a positive change, and look forward to customer feedback. If it doesn’t work, going back is simple.