GraffitiSuite Gets SearchCanvas and More!

JOHNSON CITY, TN (June 5, 2011) GraffitiSuite receives more additions, fixes, and updates.

“We’ve put a lot of work in to this release,” stated Anthony G. Cyphers, Owner. “I’m sure all of our customers will be happy with the changes and additions. We’ve added GraffitiHTMLLabel, which allows the developer to use HTML tags in a label-like class complete with links. We’ve added GraffitiSearchCanvas, which will make it easier for developers to create more modern user interfaces for the desktop apps with very little work required. And then we’ve resurrected GraffitiSeparator, which we have updated a great deal to work with the modern iterations of the language. And then there’s GraffitiPropertyList. We’ve added auto-complete to single-line string fields, and added a new list type property.”

GraffitiSuite now consists of GraffitiButton, GraffitiColorPicker, GraffitiFadeLabel, GraffitiFadePanel, GraffitiHTMLLabel, GraffitiProgress, GraffitiPropertyList, GraffitiRibbon, GraffitiSearchCanvas, GraffitiSeparator, GraffitiStatus, GraffitiVBScript, and KillerToolBar, with more planned for release in the coming months. All subscription customers have access to support forums, and, also, Source Code subscribers have access to priority email support.

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