Have You Seen This?

Have You Seen This?
We’ve gotten reports over the last few years about project analysis from the IDE. The main one being that the IDE will drop a scan if it hits an error in an encrypted class. We reported this some time ago to RS, but, if I remember correctly, they said it was by design. So, when you see this…

You need to open a new project and force an analyze error. You then need to change what is reported. The main ones are the Unused Parameters and Unused Variables. Anything else, if reported by Analyze about GraffitiSuite, would need to be reported.

So, how do you force an analyze error in a new project? Well, it’s really easy. We’ll start-up a new desktop project, add a class with Canvas as the super, and add the following code anywhere except the Paint event.

Dim g As Graphics = me.Graphics

From there, just go to Project > Analyze, and you’ll get the analysis results screen. The button on the top-left of that tab allows you to select what is reported by the Analyze engine.