Refund Policy

New Subscriptions

As access is granted immediately to digital goods upon successful payment, GraffitiSuite does not offer refunds on new subscriptions under any circumstances.

Issues with products should be reported via our ticket system, and we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction to the best of our abilities and within reason.


  1. As current subscribers receive a notification thirty (30) days before subscription renewal, it is the responsibility of each user to respond to these notices with appropriate measures, and
  2. As experimental product changes are provided often — to address source code errors and for testing of new products — and access is granted to those users with current subscriptions immediately upon publishing such materials, thus

No refunds will be given on renewals after 48 hours from the time of payment receipt.

If you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time either via the Account page at, or your Preapproved Payments dashboard on PayPal’s web site.

Third-Party Sales

Subscription orders that are placed via a third-party cannot be refunded at any time. This includes those subscriptions that are initiated via the Xojo Store, Omega Bundle, or any other venue that is acting on behalf of GraffitiSuite as a point of sale.


Disputes lodged via payment providers/processors, crediting agencies, banks, or other methods of transmitting payment are governed by the aforementioned terms, and subscribers are heretofore understood to have received notice of such, and acknowledge the governance of these terms.

Refund Questions

Questions regarding this policy, renewal notices, or cancellation instructions should either be directed to our ticketing system or via email to

Date Last Modified:
June 27, 2021

Addition of Third-Party sales section