Support Policy

Current Customers


Current customers have access to documentation, changelogs, and the ticketing system. GraffitiSuite does not provide support via telephone, email, remote support solutions, or any other means of communication except when circumstances require, such as customer inability to access account.


GraffitiSuite will provide support only for GraffitiSuite products. We cannot support the products of other third-party developers, or Xojo as a whole.

GraffitiSuite is under no obligation to create new products or alter code significantly based on an individual user’s request as our products are written for the thousands of customers who use our products.

Each ticket logged in the support system should be for a specific issue/question for a specific product. Combining multiple issues in to single tickets has the proclivity for both over-complicating the support process and causing issues to get lost in the haze of on-going support.

Tickets should include an example project that demonstrates the issue being reported.

Support Abuse and Remedies

Customers who serially abuse GraffitiSuite support may have their access to support terminated, without refund. Our support personnel is not to be subjected to vulgarity, threats, racism, sexism, or ad hominem attacks.

Likewise, customers who refuse to follow support policies for ticket creation and issue handling may also have their access to support suspended without recompense. Providing support costs time and money, and if we have to constantly remind customers of the proper way to handle issues, then we’re losing both and cannot as effectively assist other customers.

Previous Customers

A portion of the subscription fee for GraffitiSuite covers access to live support, bug fixes, et al. Without an active subscription, GraffitiSuite is under no obligation to provide live support, bug fixes, feature requests, access to previous releases, or access to the live support ticketing system.

Due to the nature of technology, we cannot guarantee that the version of GraffitiSuite you were last subscribed to receive will continue to operate indefinitely without modification, either for compatibility with Xojo, compatibility with operating system updates, or changes in web technologies/APIs.

It is the responsibility of each customer to maintain copies of the software available during the period of their subscription, as access to downloads is provided under the subscription service.

Hours of Operation

Day of Week
Start Time
End Time
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
8:00 AM
5:00 PM

Hours may vary by availability. All times Eastern U.S.

Observed Holidays

New Year
December 31
January 2
Independence Day
July 2
July 6
Labor Day
September 6
September 7
November 23
November 27
December 20
December 27

Hours may vary by availability. All times Eastern U.S.

Response Time

We strive to answer all support tickets within 48 hours. If a support ticket detailing what constitutes a bug is created less than 48 hours before a user’s subscription expires, that user will still be provided with a fix for that issue in one of the following ways (at the discretion of GraffitiSuite support):

  • Steps outlining how to address the issue in the code
  • Replacement Xojo class, CSS, or JavaScript files
  • Access to the next public (experimental or final) release
  • Short-term subscription extension


Users may only have one registered GraffitiSuite account at any given time and may not use multiple accounts to register for different subscriptions for the purposes of avoiding subscription upgrades. Doing so may result in removal of all accounts and subscriptions at the expense of the user.