More About the WE Rewrite

The rewrite is complete. The finishing touches were just put on earlier today, and we’re ready to move forward with our other goals for this release. If you’d like to know more about the causes and fixes present in the rewrite, read on.

These notes are present within the GraffitiSuite Web Edition demo project, under the App object:

The rewrite for Release 21 addresses many issues, which may or may not be noted in the
changelog or documentation due to the fact that that many portions of the existing codebase simply
had to be entirely rewritten. If you come across an indescrepency, please file a bug report

The focus of this rewrite was initialization of jQuery and other javascript frameworks
before calling the code within the individual GraffitiSuite classes. As such, if you
have previously encountered errors on load, you should no longer experience these.
If you do, please use the Bug Tracker link above to report the issue.

The likely cause of these issues from this point would be calling a method of a class
that is unbuffered, and therefore executes before we instantiate the necessary
javascript classes. In such cases, moving code from Shown() or Open() events will
likely workaround the issue. Successful attempts have been made previously with firing
those methods from timers, but there should no longer be a need for those workarounds.

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