Release 44 Now Available

JOHNSON CITY, TN (April 1, 2022) — GraffitiSuite is pleased to announce Release 44 for Xojo Desktop and Web!

Release 44 is a far-too-long-awaited sequel!

  • 9 New Products
  • 38 Additions
  • 70 Bug Fixes
  • 4 Various Changes

This release brings the much-requested and much-hyped GraffitiMapViewer for Web Edition. Unleash true cartographic power in your apps with a nearly 100% implementation of the Google Maps API. Add markers, show directions, draw different types of polygons, and let your users edit all of it!

By request, GraffitiDateTimePicker for Web! That’s right! You can now present your users with a super easy and elegant means of select dates and times in the browser and get a DateTime object back! Whether you need a single DateTime, multiple DateTimes, or a range of DateTimes…it can do it all!

Making a comeback from the Web 1.0 days is GraffitiPagination. A powerful pagination control that gives you the ability to truly control the presentation of this often overlooked component of your design.

For Desktop, a lot of work was put in to expanding current product capabilities. GraffitiHTMLtoPDF has been rebuilt to work much better alongside GraffitiEditor so that your users can create their own PDFs in a WYSIWYG environment. GraffitiListbox adds more functionality that was lost in the standard Xojo ListBox. GraffitiSyntaxEditor now supports adding custom themes and modes so you can truly build the experience of your dreams. And more!

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GraffitiSuite is an ever-expanding set of classes for Xojo Desktop, Web, and Raspberry Pi targets that aims to both ease development and provide access to advanced features and user interface concepts without unnecessarily complicating your project code.

GraffitiSuite Solutions is a software development consulting firm based in Johnson City, TN, and has been providing custom Xojo development, components and solutions since 2003.

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