Release 6 Adds New Classes

JOHNSON CITY, TN (March 13, 2012) GraffitiSuite Adds Two New Classes.

“We sat down and made a list of the UI elements we thought were needed to make truly powerful and beautiful user interfaces, and these were two of those,” according to Anthony G. Cyphers, Owner of CyphersTECH Consulting. “We’re quite proud of the way they’ve come out, and are looking at adding more visual styles to the classes. We’re sure our customers will be very happy with the additions.”

Release 6 of GraffitiSuite adds GraffitiSwitch, an elegant boolean switcher, and GraffitiStepBar for displaying processes visually to users.

GraffitiSuite consists of GraffitiActionBar, GraffitiButton, GraffitiColorPicker, GraffitiFadeLabel, GraffitiFadePanel, GraffitiHTMLLabel, GraffitiProgress, GraffitiPropertyList, GraffitiRibbon, GraffitiSearchCanvas, GraffitiSeparator, GraffitiStatus, GraffitiStepBar, GraffitiSwitch, GraffitiVBScript, and KillerToolBar, with more planned for release in the coming months. All subscription customers have access to support forums, and, also, Source Code subscribers have access to priority email support.

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